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Rockville, Maryland, US

My faves are E from shoot 1, also A & B from shoot 3.

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E e v a

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Nashville, Tennessee, US

1. E
2. A
3. B or C both rock
4. Either are good.

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L Raye

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Petaluma, California, US

1 - C & E
2 - none
3 - A & B
4 - B

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SPV Photo

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I really like A from Shoot 3.

I don't really care for any of the others in the context of your existing port.

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Shoot 1: B. Nice pose, and the breasts are relaxed, not pendulous.

Shoot 2: A. You rock a 'stache.

Shoot 3: C. Best colors and the "bubbles" don't get in the way.

Shoot 4: A. Love the facial expression and the hand bra used for support, not cover.

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Drew Smith Photography

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Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Shoot 4 - B

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Miroslava Svoboda

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Really like 1B and 3B and kind of like 4B

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L2Photography net

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I love 1a love your look and the photo

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4 R D

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Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

1: A, pretty.

2: C, striking and very well done.

3: A, lovely image.

4: B, very sexy.

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Barely StL

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1 - C and E
2 - A
3 - A. (second choice would be C)
4 - A

Not sure any of them are equal to the average photo in your port, but I like shoots 3 and 4 best..

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Alyssa June Photog

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Colorado Springs, Colorado, US

1- a & c
2- a
3- a
4- b

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Do you even own any clothes  .  .  .  wink  Shoot 2, B  .  .  .  and shoot 4, B, both caught my eye  .  .  .  the first because it's different, and the second because it's bold and full of attitude  .  .  .  so, when's that trip to Florida happening  .  .  .


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Rik Williams

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I'm being really picky here, but A + C from shoot 3 are the only ones worthy of your portfolio imho Nicole

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Eros Fine Art Photo

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Shoot 1 - I like all but the last one.  I also think your skin on the first two has been a little overly smoothed.  I doubt that was necessary. 

Shoot 2 - I love B.  The others aren't bad at all, but B is the most compelling for me.

Shoot 3 - Love all of them, but A is my favorite of the bunch. 

Shoot 4 - Meh.  I like A, because it's not as "glam" as B, but the truth is you're a far better model than what those two images show.  In my opinion, they're a step down from the rest of the work in your portfolio.

But DAMN you're making me want to shoot with you more and more.  You really are amazing.

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3 A, and perhaps B are great photo's... the others just don't cut it for me... but that is my honest oppion.

For instance the first serie I would like some more emotion, some saidness... that with some stronger light setup (more dark shadows) would have made the serie... again, just my humble oppion...  as you are beautifull.

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Sven Lori

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Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

My honest feedback:

I like all of shoot 3 - very creative; however, shoot 4 does not contain your best. From the others I like 1 B (nice composition) and 2 A (very original idea).

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