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I am looking to start shooting high school seniors and interested in some general info. I'm looking to create a package for the girls that includes hair, make-up and styling. The shoot will 90% be location and will be 4 hours with multiple outfits. So the artist will have to be available for the whole four hours, basically just like a half commercial shoot.

What might I be looking at for hair and make-up to be there fours with let's say 4-5 outfit changes? I know there are a lot of factors that influence the price but just a general number like low end $50 per look to $100 per look. This way I can loosely get my pricing figured out and float it around to see if this is worth trying to do. Thanks

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Jaime Criel Makeup

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Prices really depend on geographical location and artists' skills. Contact makeup and hair artists in your area and ask them what they would like to charge. Are they getting the full makeup and hair amount or are you taking a portion?

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BodyPainter Rich

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What Jaime said.

Getting quotes on MM will have VERY little to do with what you will get in your home town.

I know folks who do what I do in Beverly Hills that get $10k a night.

I know folks who do what I do in Oklahoma that feel lucky to get $300-500 a night.

Contact locals in the field you need and ask them straight up.

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Danielle Blazer

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Professional commercial artists do not charge "per look," per face or by the hour. We charge half day and full day rates, period. The only exception might be for those who do bridal and charge on a per person basis. But based on where you live, I don't imagine there are many pro artists working full time, if any. No offense intended, I live in a fairly big city and even here there is a small pool of work since it's not NY or LA.

You can probably find a newer artist who is willing to make an arrangement with you; you might want to ask how they determine their rates just in case.

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