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So I had a trial run with one of my brides a few days ago. I use my CRC brand water-based airbrush makeup on the client. She had fairly good skin so it didn't take much to get the full coverage that she wanted. Her skin was in the normal range not dry or oily.

She contacted me today and said this:
"I had a question about the airbrushing makeup… I wore it all day- the day we put it on.. and I felt like it didn't hold up very well.
By 2 o'clock my eye makeup was still vibrant and pretty (including eyebrows).. but my foundation was noticeably worn. That concerns me. I didn't feel like the coverage was quite heavy enough, and by mid-day how much of it had worn off was really a concern. "

I asked her to give me a little more info about how it wore off so I will update with that once I get it but what do you think? I've actually never had this problem so far so it threw me for a little bit of a loop.

I fixed the foundation with MUFE Mist + Fix was that the issue? 

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Thomas Van Dyke

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Bloom Makeup Artistry wrote:
Waterbased Airbrush Not Wearing Well for Bride...

While occasionally I use TEMPTU agua (water-based) however for brides TEMPTU S/B is my go to... and has worked flawlessly on my bridal clients...  no issues with wearability, in fact I've had clients remark that is lasted through showering... lol

Bloom Makeup Artistry wrote:
I fixed the foundation with MUFE Mist + Fix was that the issue?

I learned long ago about the wisdom of staying within a single vendors product suite... experience is a very brutal teacher...  mix vendors at your own risk, for me, bridal is decidedly NOT an ideal place to experiment with one's craft...  I only use what has repeatedly worked in every scenario... that said I have found that TEMPTU S/B isn't appropriate for clientele with large surface irregularities... such as large pores... in this situation I have found a heavy cream product such as RCMA is more appropriate owing to it's spackling abilities...

The good news is your experience was only with the trial session (wise move) thus you can gracefully recover by selecting another product that will meet and exceed your client's expectations... I've had brides change their minds several times, no worries, I'm easy here... it's their day, I will redo the trial session (no charge) till they are comfortable with the look, wearability and any other aspect... It's about creating good will... which is so precious in our industry...

hope this helps...

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Danielle Blazer

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I don't use water-based foundations usually when in a situation where crying/water/heat/humidity etc. are involved. I avoid bridal whenever possible, but I do a bride now and then and some brides seem to prefer a heavier coverage. For those ladies I usually use traditional application methods and build slowly during the trial until we are both happy. MUFE shouldn't have been a problem as a setting spray with that foundation, but it's not my fav. I like Skindinavia's or Ben Nye's Final Seal because of the crying.

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"It wore off on my cheeks and chin first.. it didn't flake… it just.. faded…until it was pretty much gone- by about 1 o'clock it was 85% gone from my entire face."

That was what the bride emailed me when I asked her about how it wore.

So I guess I should switch to silicone based airbrush then? That's really disappointed considering I got the waterbased for use on brides. sad

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Just to note I airbrushed her at 7am

She loved the makeup I did so much she cried but of course she wants wearability throught the day... understandable. I plan to meet with her again and use a different foundatiom

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Carmen Make up and Hair

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Ask her how much she touched her face.

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Bloom Makeup Artistry

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I just ordered the temptu SB foundations to use on my brides from now on. I on occasion will get someone who is allergic to silicone so atleast I will have an alternative and can also use my waterbased on photoshoots.

I can't risk having brides unsatisfied about the longevity of my makeup since that is typically their #1 concern.

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Darrick Law

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I've always used Dinair and loved it. The only times I've had an issue with it was when a client had really oily skin and I tried using Smashbox Photo Finish primer underneath. It beaded up in little balls and didn't stick, but I blame that on the primer and not the foundation. Dinair's stuff is great, you can use the paramedical shades for tattoo covering too.

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I live in the Boston area and the brides are so scared of the airbrush so I don’t use the silicone. (But I LOVE it sadly)
I use a water base (dinair, CRC, OCC) and do get a great look. My technique is all about layer lightly
Prime with either silicone primer if they are older or rough if not prime with a tinted moisturizer
Apply BB cream or if more coverage needed a light foundation
Apply above again if more coverage is needed
Airbrush lightly and buff with kabuki brush
Powder very very very lightly with a HD powder
Spray with a finishing spray

I haven’t gotten anyone saying it didn’t last….yet.

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ShannonJennings MUA

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I have no advice & no experience on airbrushing anyone myself but m own little tale of woe with airbrushed makeup on myself.

Try everything above but sometimes on some people I just think it doesn't work. I'm one of these people. I had a brief stint on tv in 2010 & must have been airbrushed for hd tv & photoshoots 20 odd times before everyone just gave up.

I got married last year & my hmua gave it 2 shots (even though I insisted airbrush doesn't sit well on my face but she just wanted to give it a try because it does look so great on others)

Silicone based, water based, temptu, occ, element 2, kett you name it, my face rejects it.

I have combination/oily skin but generally don't have much trouble with my skin or foundation application. Within half an hour airbrush makeup moves around on my face, flakes, cakes, creases, oxidizes & ends up looking like old age makeup every time.

I recently told a much more experienced artist about this who trains others in airbrush application. She hadn't come across it before (didn't belive me) & we spent a day applying every product in her kit. It just don't work.

My point being, give it a go but sometimes going back to hand applied is nessascary.

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Bloom Makeup Artistry

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I know I applied the airbrush correctly. I think the issue was with this persons skin and the waterbased airbrush formulation. I am going to meet her again to try out the Temptu airbrush. Hopefully that will provide better results.

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