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My name is Natalia Zurawska and I am a professional makeup/hair/SPFX artist.  I have recently come out with some new makeup/hair tutorials.

Please feel free to check them out at

I have also written a makeup book called "I'm Not Making This Up" and my dream would be to be able to publish it.

Below is a link in detail. … /x/2579122
I am hoping I can count on your support.

Thanks so much!

Mar 29 13 12:02 pm Link

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Congrats! What a dream come true! big_smile

Mar 29 13 08:59 pm Link

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Colourchameleon wrote: makeup/hair tutorials.

Please feel free to check them out at

Thank you for sharing Natalia... love your hair styling video... excellent workflow here...

That said, I was surprised at the targeted ads at the top of the pages on your web portal, don't believe that this speaks well to a user's navigational experience...

Do you really want this code at the top of all second level pages?

Feel maybe it's a bit much, albeit that's only my humble estimation...

Other than that, very polished and nicely done...

Congrats and all the best on your journey...

Mar 30 13 06:46 am Link