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Are the shit. Happy Easter!  smile

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Salem, Oregon, US

the wife bought 4 of them yesterday.

Mar 31 13 08:29 am Link


Aspect By Allanah

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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

cream eggs, nomomom big_smile

Mar 31 13 08:37 am Link


Cass N

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Yes. They. Are.  I'm not holding back today at all!  tongue

Happy Easter everyone!

Mar 31 13 08:38 am Link


Michael Bots

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Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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Red Sky Photography

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Yes they are. All those other eggs are cheap imposters.

Mar 31 13 12:53 pm Link


Frank Lewis Photography

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So, if I don't eat 'em, then that's more for y'all, isn't it...

Mar 31 13 12:59 pm Link


GeM Photographic

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Kyle T Edwards

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Michael Bots wrote: … paign.html

Michael, that's pretty much what I imagine heaven looks like.  Just add a beer tap that never runs out and never foams up, and we're good to go. big_smile

Mar 31 13 01:32 pm Link


Jennifer Barker

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Just had one, mmmmmmmmmmm  bunny

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I'm sure they are smaller than when they first came out decades ago.

Apr 01 13 07:06 am Link



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If you mean creme eggs, gross!

But the mini eggs are nomnomnom!

Apr 01 13 07:42 am Link



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Michael Bots wrote: … paign.html

Great photo.  Must have taken quite a while to place all those eggs.

These were my favorite candy on Easter growing up.  Doubt I could stomach more than a bite now.

Apr 01 13 07:44 am Link


C h a r l e s D

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...and now that it's the day after Easter, Heaven is on Earth.
All Cadbury eggs will be on sale! 

Happiness is soon to come.  Very soon.

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Wildcat Photography

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I like the Cadbury Chocolate eggs the best!

The their cream ones.

Apr 01 13 07:55 am Link


Bunny Bombshell

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Fuck yes, I love the original creme version

Apr 01 13 07:58 am Link



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I prefer the mini Cadbury Eggs smile

Apr 01 13 07:58 am Link


Michael Bots

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Creme Egg: everything you need to know … ed-to-know

Apr 02 13 06:25 am Link


John Photography

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Don't like them but do LOVE the small solid milk chocolate ones. Yummy

Bought a bucket full today as they were on sale.

And those big dinosaur eggs were like under $3 so cheap.

I have never tried one of those eggs that look like they are made of icing.... They look so damn tempting

Apr 02 13 07:06 am Link



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Remember Cool Hand Luke?  Someday I'm gonna do that with Cadbury eggs.

Apr 02 13 10:33 am Link