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Stephen Dawson

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Bruce Yonce

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Hermitage, Tennessee, US

oh so true

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Jules NYC

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Optimum cockbag levels

I live for this stuff


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Llobet Photography

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New York, New York, US

This is why I don't have cable, only internet, which I need.
I don't even own a TV but if I did it would be for off the air programming.

Why is this legal, though?  Isn't it called collusion?

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Good Egg Productions

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Orlando, Florida, US

Got rid of cable almost two years ago and I don't miss it.

It was so stupid paying somewhere around $70 per month to watch about an hour of TV a day.
Netflix and Hulu+ is $16/month plus an antenna for sports.

I've got more programming than I'll ever watch.

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Decay of Memory

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Asheville, North Carolina, US

No cable here. Like to also rid myself of the other bloodsucking corporate parasites, i.e., cell phone, utilities, etc., but I haven't figured out how to pull the plug on those yet.

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Matt Knowles

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Ferndale, California, US

I've only ever had the basic cable, but our local internet company is so bad someone has been going around sabotaging their cables lately.

I'm actually getting rid of my cable internet and tv today. I already switched to DSL for internet last week, and we'll go back to getting TV off the air, just like the good old days.

Apr 01 13 01:11 pm Link