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Rome, Lazio, Italy

I recently bought 2 of this 36x80" bifold door at homedepot. They are intended to be a flag for the background lights (as explained e.g. here … gear-space)

They sell new for 47.98$ each, I bought them and then I realized I have no space where to store them, so I have to ger rid of them.

They are still wrapped in the original package and I never used them. I just carried them from home-depot to home ...

If you want them they are sold in pair for 75$. I do not ship, you must come to pick them in NW DC (Columbia Heights, close to Metro).
Again they _are_ new, which is better than _like new_ smile

I still have the original receipt for these items and I could return them to homedepot before the end of May, but the shop is to far and the items too bulky to carry them without a car, and I am not a motorist! so, better if someone can buy them smile

Hope this can be mine and your deal!
Roberto … VtyKKvF21M

Apr 02 13 05:11 pm Link