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Michelle Barron

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Wichita, Kansas, US

Looking to find and agent or agency in the Kansas (Wichita, Denver) area.. to represent me.. I am an experience model . I am getting lots of offers for TFP and some paid assignments but not like I would like and I would like and not getting the photographers that are willing to push me to my limit and challenge me like I wish..

Looking for more challenge out of the box experience..

Any help will be appreciate..

much love and respect.

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San Antonio, Texas, US

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Kev Lawson

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Welcome to MM Michelle. smile

On MM you will not find an agent (they are not allowed to be here). You may get some offers of people wanting to "manage" you, that is also not allowed.

Due to your height and age, you will be very limited with agencies. You would need to look for one that is not a portfolio mill, and that represents "commercial" models. Generally the types of work that commercial agencies get are print advertising and tv commercials.

Read some of the information in the locked/sticky threads at the top of this forum, they will provide you some valuable information.

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