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ShootTheBand with Da’Shade Moonbeam
april 11th 2013
7:30pm – 10:30pm
2235 east 6th street (map)

Da’Shade Moonbeam

This month we’re bringing back the star of the very first Shoot The Band. It’s time to feature the man doing good in the neighborhood again. He’s a poet, rapper, and really into action choreography, so let’s take advantage of that.

From the man himself: Hello, my name is Da’Shade Moonbeam. I am an Artist that is too big to be boxed in or Self-Catagorized. I believe that I am the Sexiest Nerd on the Planet. Nice to meet you. Please take a moment to brace yourself before peering into my enigmatic world.
Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop, Spoken Word Artist, Martial Artist, Producer, Cinematographer, Activist, Warrior, Poet, Slam Poet, Performance, Photographer, Writer, Lover & Fighter, Action Choreographer.


Juju provides:
the strobes, lighting setup, backdrops, model, & corkscrew (Shoot the Band is BYOB).

You provide:
Your camera, posing ideas, 8 usable promo photos for the band.
Participation Agreement:

Photos from this shoot are for promotional purposes ONLY. Request and negotiate a model release from the band if you feel you need one. This is not provided by the meetup. The band must retain the photographer’s credit on any images used.

By participating in this shoot you do solemnly swear to:

1. Upload (a minimum of) 8 retouched quality photos to the designated meetup gallery

2. Upload your photos by May 11, 2013

3. Grant the band permission to use uploaded photos for promotional purposes only (photo specs are 300 dpi, 8×10 inches minimum) Your photos may be watermarked and meta tagged

4. Supplying the band with photos from the session is a stipulation to attend Shoot The Band in the future.
Shooting protocol:

We shoot in rotation, one at a time. Time is divided evenly among attending photographers / per setup.

All levels welcomed, we even help newbies learn strobe basics. We throw one of these every month, they’re always a big hit with great networking opportunities. Juju is not able to supply alcohol, but BYOB is perfectly acceptable, munchies provided.

*** disclaimer: Some camera models require adapters for the Alien Bee pocket wizards. Juju is not responsible for incompatible equipment with the Alien Bee strobe system.

**** jujufotofactory is only the facilitator of the event. all legal and copyright issues are the responsibility of the musicians and attending photographers and must be arranged by them. the band will be briefed by the organizer on proper crediting protocol, and then we’re out. Let’s shoot!

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