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photoimager wrote:
Yes, some D800 cameras had a focus problem to one side. That was a limited number and Nikon did not shy from the problem for those who had the problem. Some people thought they had the problem because of their poor technique or expecting budget lenses to be equally sharp across the frame.

The internet can be a powerful tool in both positive and negative ways.

One of the sure ways for discovering whether or not a particular camera has the  left AF issue is to compare AF results from viewfinder AF with those from Live View AF. You put your camera on a tripod to shoot stationary/still subject in good natural light.

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Fred Greissing wrote:
Just the other day I did a quick test to show a friend how much is down there in the shadows.

Here is the result just using ACR.

Left is the under exposed capture and the corrected image on the right.

Ok.... that's pretty incredible. Yikes.

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I was probably the third person on the planet to get the Nikon D800.

It has problems? I'm lovin' it. Great pictures and makin' me money.

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GRMACK wrote:
The extra megapixels are nice to have if you crop too.  Beware though that some TIFF files can become huge monsters.  One I have out of it in post in CS6 has grown to 400+ MB in size!


But, you can also crop into an image so much that you almost feel like you've shot with 50 more mm of lens.  My avitar photo is a massively cropped image from a 105mm 2.8 portrait taken from about 10' away.  I only zoomed in that tight initially to see how sharp the eyes were but to my surprise there was actually an amazing amount of detail from the sun-light coming through the courtyard and arched columns. 

Also, the RAW files are different in the 800 than the 700 and you can't process the 800's RAW files in Lightroom 3.6.  I needed to upgrade to 4.0 but alas, my computer will need to be upgraded to allow for that. Humm.  Now I'm having to convert them first then import to LR, an extra and time consuming step.  Long story short, make sure you have the technical platform in place for the 800 files, or at least budget for immediate upgrades.

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been using one since they came off the assembly line and no issues what so ever. My only suggestion is to make sure your memory cards are the latest and greatest. In working with an older card initially it would take a few min. to buffer and write to the card when firing off several shots in a row due to file sizes in RAW. Go get one though!

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I purchased the camera in November and never had any of the left focus point issues that I had read about.  I definitely concur with the previous post about fast memory cards being a must.  Shortly after purchasing the camera I ended up getting a new laptop, new memory cards (partly because I wasn't using compact flash at the time), and a card reader because the uploads with those massive raw files were so painful.

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