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Andy Bloxham

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Washington, District of Columbia, US

Hey guys, just wanted to share this bit of exciting photography news. This summer, I'm embarking on a 50 day photography road trip across America and Canada. All total, over 7,000 miles. The trip is called "Shootapalooza II: The Sequel." I'm heading to Maine to teach photography for a month at the Maine Media Workshops, and I'm taking nearly the longest route possible. I'll be stopping off in major cities and interesting towns of both countries along my travel from Louisiana to Maine, making constructed fictional images for my main body of photographic work. I have a Fictions project that I've been working on for the past year, and want to finalize and complete it while on this trip. I'm also creating portraits of those I meet along my travels for a massive side project. I'm heading west, traveling up the coast, exploring the American midwest, and covering the width of Canada. Right now I'm doing casting calls for talent in some of the locations. My profile page has six posted, primarily in Canada, but I'm open to hearing from anyone in the visited cities. Male/female models/actors, or even folks who'd like to be assistants on the projects.

Shootapalooza blog from 2010, to get a feel for what the original was like:

The Kickstarter currently running for this trip, to help cover basic travel expenses: … the-sequel

The current list of cities/towns for this photography road trip are:

Austin, TX
San Antonio, TX
Las Cruces, NM
Phoenix, AZ
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
Medford, OR
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA
Vancouver, BC
Kamloops, BC
Calgary, AB
Regina, SK
Winnipeg, MB
Minneapolis, MN
Chicago, IL
Toronto, ON
Montreal, QC
Quebec City, QC
Woodstock, NB
Rockport, ME

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Makeup Artist


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Alliston, Ontario, Canada

If you are need of make up let me know I would be near Toronto.

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Colin Rogers

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am in Toronto, I would be happy to help, Just send me a message, if your interested!

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