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hi everyone here,

Would be glad to know what settings you use for denoise and sharpening in ACR.

Mine are 30/0.7/100/80, and 5/50/0/5/50 (for pics 100-400 ISO).

I'm interesting in other's experiences.

thx and regards,

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I don't use noise reduction built into in acr although it's excellent. I use topaz de noise at beginging/first step in ps, set at raw lightest for 100-400 iso then add touch of grain around 9 and fade in ps if needed. Depends on image edit - fade in ps. I use high pass sharpening at end around 0.9 but depending on image and output.....

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It depends on the image (among other variables). Trying to reduce sharpening and NR to formulas is folly.

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