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ScottMarshall Tas

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Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

I'm keen to do a number of shoots which would need a range of clothing and costumes.

The answers are probably obvious. How do you find or acquire these clothing? Particularly those who aren't F/T professionals working with stylists, wardrobe designers etc, but who do shoot specific concepts.

Approach clothing shops for loans, with an offer of publicity in return?
Purchase? (Single size?)
Costume shops?
Beg, borrow (of course not steal!) from others you know?
Custom design / make?
Thrift shops?
All the above, depending on shoot?

Thanks for any info!

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Los Angeles, California, US

All of the above.

You don't have to be a professional to work with stylists, just have a concept that interests them and the ability to pull it off.  Otherwise, you can also check small shops, ebay, approach designers directly, even ask the llama if they've got anything similar.

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Vector One Photography

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

Buy in eBay, shoot, sell on eBay

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Los Angeles, California, US

Also, more and more, I'm finding that makeup artists are branching into doing some styling also, in an attempt to distinguish themselves in the market of so many. So, you might ask them in addition to the model, for wardrobe they might have or have access to.

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ScottMarshall Tas

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Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Thanks everyone!

I'd thought of some of these options too. Being relatively new, it's good to hear options from people so experienced smile Especially since I haven't really worked with MUAs or stylists.

Purchasing I've considered, but was concerned about sizes - whether what I purchase might fit or not. And with models, their range, when some shoots might be more alternative than their normal wardrobe might be.

Interesting to hear that MUAs seem to also branch into styling. I shouldn't be that surprised though since we all need to have some knowledge of the other professions to make things work.

I'll keep my eyes open for different things, but talk more to others about collaboration as well as the concepts.

Thanks again, very much appreciated!

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Rays Fine Art

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New Orleans, Louisiana, US

I can only go back tothe advice of a set designer for a theater I once worked: "If it works, it works."  The best solution for you is the one that works for you.

For my part, I haunt the thrift shops for things like teddies, bed jackets, etc. as well as period dresses and gowns in a range of sizes.  In addition, I will sometimes make (poorly) a generic peice such as a toga, tutu, etc., literally pinning or taping the fabric together on the model.  I also have a fairly large supply of pieces of fabric, laces, etc. that I can use for draping the model for implieds.  Other than that, I just rely on whatever the model has.  This requires a certain amount of flexibility and ingenuity, but then there's no client to satisfy either, so for me, at any rate, it works.

All IMHO as always, of course.

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Scarlett de la Calle

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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Depends. Some models are able to design/make their own clothes and may be willing to do so depending on what you want as well.

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