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Gemma Huh

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London, England, United Kingdom

Adding latest work from this year - I haven't updated in a good while.

Is there anything I am lacking? I have a polaroid added to my profile, rather than my portfolio. But other than that, feel free to slash at it smile

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TRPn Pics

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Andrews, North Carolina, US

The image on your profile isn't working.

Just one, it's nice but not as good as the rest. … e70b_m.jpg

Overall, what a beautiful compilation of work.  smile

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M Pandolfo Photography

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Tampa, Florida, US

If I'm not mistaken, you need a VIP account to add image code to your profile page.

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SKITA Studios

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

I love this shot:

This one shows your high forehead too much..looks like you're going bald :-(

Concept is good but the up your nose shot isn't:

Didn't know you worked w/ Von Wong...nice job.  He does pretty crazy shoots and the one you were in probably had the best stylist and location I've seen :-)

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Washington, District of Columbia, US

I love your look/port
Keep up the good work!

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Gemma Huh

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London, England, United Kingdom

Thanks all! I'll have to replace a few images when I get new ones smile

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