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Julie Nikota

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Brantford, Ontario, Canada

I am a photographer and makeup artist.  I often style hair for my model shoots, as I am familiar with some techniques from going to a short course in hair school, but here is something I am not quite sure of...

I want to create a very tight curl/avant garde look (almost like a fro).
I was thinking that perm rods would do the trick (the model's hair is about collar bone length).  I am not sure if this is the way most hairstylists would do this, and I am also not sure of what products to use.  I have worked with the model before and her hair is medium texture and lots of it.  I am guessing this look would take me a couple of hours at least?

I am unfamiliar with posting photos on forums, or I would have.  Please help!  I really appreciate it!

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Laura UnBound

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

to post an example, if you found it online, just provide the link to it.

If its an image you downloaded, upload it to a file sharing site like (free) and then post the link here

if you want to embed the photo into the post, you use the following

[img] link to the photo [/img

and then close the img tag again with one of these ]

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Makeup Artist


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I'd plop a wig on her head unless you and the model are willing to spend a bit of time waiting to get the curlers on her, drying them, removing, and styling.

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Hair Stylist

rick lesser

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Perm rods are a great way to go if your willing to wet set it and have the model sit under a hair dryer (if you could find one) for at least 40 min.  Then take a hair pick and go to town.  Product like a good hair gel works fine to set.  They also make a very small barreled spiral curling iron.  But that also is a bit time consuming.  R-

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Julie Nikota

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Brantford, Ontario, Canada

These are examples.... … 7785/2.jpg … -curls.jpg

I would love to have a wig like this, but would have no idea where to start looking for one.  I am not sure if it's more about the curl or teasing in these styles.  I think the first link is more of what I want.

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