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Will Graham

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I've organised a group fashion studio from 9am-6pm in London on May 5th at
We have 4 models booked; 685036, 3003689, 2707307 & 1849472.
Sinazo (3003689) will be shooting footage for her TV show during the day as well.

A couple of photographers have dropped out, so we'd like to boost numbers to share costs. I will not be looking to subsidise the current photographers; everyone will contribute the same amount. Total costs are currently £380, so the more photographers we have, the cheaper. I'm looking for one or two more photographers to add to the 3 we have already.

I'm also going to book a mua & stylist. We have two wedding dresses for the day, but will be using other outfits too.

If we have 4 photographers in total, the price will be £95 each. 5 photographers = £76 each.

This is MUCH better value than you'd normally get from a studio day. However, this is NOT a class or a workshop; this is for photographers with enough studio experience to set up your own lights, or who are happy to use the lighting set ups that the other photographers come up with.

If you're interested, please email me at [email protected] or reply to this casting call.

Many thanks!


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