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Connie Berchem

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Asheville, North Carolina, US

Hi folks I am pretty new here. I want an honest critique. Do I have the look for the mom next door? Or new senior single good shape poster girl?


Apr 23 13 06:26 pm Link



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Grand Rapids, Michigan, US


I think you should do a shoot or two in more age-appropriate clothing, with an experienced photographer and a professional makeup artist and hair stylist. For your niche, I'm thinking a nice, form-fitting red suit would be great. smile (They look SO nice; I want one myself!)

You can do form-fitting, because your B-W-H stats are good, but stay away from "tight," as it typically looks trashy.

With this look, I bet you could get some commercial/lifestyle work. At this point, nobody is going to scout you for the Playboy Bunny next door; instead, they'll be looking for a beautiful woman who makes her age look fantastic.

That being said, you'll need to make your age look fantastic, so you should get your teeth whitened and work on your skin. I recommend going into an Aveda spa and asking what they can do for you. (They really are the best.)

I hope I helped! Good luck!

Edit: This is far and away your best image. Get more like these and update your portfolio as quickly as possible.

Apr 24 13 02:08 am Link