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I had a new client come in today and while doing our consultation she told me she's allergic to PPD in hair color.. She didn't want to do lowlights or all over color, she just wanted to highlights. She told me that's she's gotten highlights before and that it doesn't give her an allergic reaction... So, I used matrix v-lights with 20 volume (the 20 volume is made by Mariana).. I applied the highlights by foils and I put the color on the mid shaft and then fanned it up to the top... I left 1/8 from the scalp free of color... It was on only 10 minutes and we had to rinse her out because she said she started to feel tingly and light headed.

Does anyone know if either the lightner or developer has PPD in it?
And if that would be the cause of her allergic reaction?

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You should use matrix cream developer with v lite. V lite does not contain ppd. Matrix new color line called Colorinsider has no ammonia and no ppd. Do a patch test!

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