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Ali Choudhry Photo

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I just got this program. It seems pretty daunting with all the features. Any free online tutorials or beginners how to guides?

Apr 24 13 08:29 pm Link


MC Photo

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New York, New York, US

Yes. All over youtube.

Apr 24 13 10:44 pm Link


Jasper Johal Photo

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Los Angeles, California, US

Adobe offers a ton of free online videos for all its products at

Here is the link for Lightroom videos:

Apr 25 13 12:17 am Link


Mike Fox Photography

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Pearland, Texas, US

CreativeLive and KelbyOnline have great classes, and are better organized than trolling youtube. But they aren't free smile

Apr 26 13 08:42 am Link


Adam J Caldwell

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London, England, United Kingdom

MC Photo wrote:
Yes. All over youtube.


Plus compared to photoshop it's not the least bit daunting.

It's a simple workflow.

However, if you have never done any photo editing before you might be a bit like WAHHH ?

Apr 26 13 08:54 am Link


Innovative Imagery

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Los Angeles, California, US

Buy  a book.

Creative live is free to watch when they are recording, but you have to buy them after that.  Totally worth the cost as they are very good and you will learn super fast and get great techniques.

Apr 26 13 06:19 pm Link


Gavin Poh

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Adorama channel on YouTube have some dedicated LR tutorials by Dave Wallace.
It's not daunting at all compared to photoshop.

Apr 28 13 01:29 am Link


Mark Evers Photography

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Alliston, Ontario, Canada

I learned a lot of my Lightroom tricks from these videos.

Apr 28 13 04:23 am Link


Andrew Kaiser

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Portland, Oregon, US

I highly recommend starting with the tutorials put out by adobe.  I was in your position about four months ago when I decided not only to change over to a Mac platform but figured I would learn Lightroom as well.  It is daunting at first, but you will figure it out quickly enough.

Apr 28 13 06:31 am Link


Michael Lohr

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Los Angeles, California, US

Lots of good advice above.

Worked with one of the Beta testers. Best advice I got was to set ALL the  files on an external harddrive. Name the first file Master Photos and then create sub files. IE People, Travel etc. Later, after you have imported all your pictures, they are much easier to find. Plus you can take the external and plug into another computer with lightroom and immediatly go to work.

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Bob Helm Photography

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Cherry Hill, New Jersey, US

Not free but Scott Kelby's book on Lightroom, step by step instructions for anything you want to do in LR and why you want to do it that way.

Apr 28 13 09:24 am Link