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Beth Chambers

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London, England, United Kingdom

I dyed my hair copper a couple of weeks ago and now I'm trying to decide which images I should get rid of to make room for updated photos and which I should keep in my portfolio.

Help me out please and let me know what photos you think are my best and/or worst?

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Scarlett de la Calle

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In my opinion and this is purely by just my point of view and what I think looks most flattering/most eye catching.

Your best is

And your worst is
This is probably the least eye catching image to me in your folio.

Don't take any of this personally and feel free to disagree with me as this is purely based on what I like most and least

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Skin color of face and neck lack depth
Pose of hands looks unsure, especially models left
Pose lacks dynamics, best to have head and body facing different directions usually with hips on angle to camera
[so-so photo]
Love your eyes
Over all like your positive look in this image
Only down side would be the hair ends that show under your jaw
Models left eye does not seem to have as much upper eye lash as right
Pose change suggestion, lower models left shoulder and roll it back
[Great photo]
Least favorite

Wish you well

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Soft Lights wrote:
Me next?

You would be getting more replies if start your own critique thread, think this is considered a thread hijack
For me this would work better if the background were way out of focus
[Open up the camera lens to small f-number]

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Edge of the Moon

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My least favorite...

I like this one among the best...

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Peach Jones

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I truly envy the man who gets to look into those gorgeous eyes

and also this
eye-popping curves and figure. use it more!

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14 is nice, 5 is pretty good to- your shape looks great here (has your weight fluctuated?)

Also the first pic- its pretty safe to say that a woman should never cross her arms in front of her stomach as it looks like she's hiding a bulge which seems to be the case here. Those 2 pics are bad- bad lighting, bad clothes, bad concept (lacking one) etc

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