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I'm having issues with my setting powders. I use Ben Nye powders in Banana, Topaz, and Neutral. The problem I am having is in the under eye area I use graftobian HD foundation as concealer on clients then set with an appropriate color of the Ben Nye powder but I'm still getting a lot of creasing and the powder is very noticeable in that area it doesn't look blended or smooth it looks cakey (see pics in my port). Could be my technique, the product or a combo of the 2. Please advise any techniques or products that may help.

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You may be using too much powder and it is caking up your concealer. Using a fluffy blending brush apply a minimal amount of product and then press and roll the brush on top of the concealer. The concealer should be set, but not completely dry as this can dry out the undereye area.

I also always use a hydrating eye cream first (The Bobbi Brown one has a primer built in) and then I use the Laura Mercier secret brightening powder. It's much, much thinner in consistency than the Ben Nye and it sets without creating folds or wrinkles. I love it!

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Thomas Van Dyke

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Urban Chic Beauty wrote:
...The problem I am having is in the under eye area ...getting a lot of creasing...Please advise....

Under eye creasing is a frequently ask question...
Believe many times it's more about technique than product in my humble estimation...

As Philippine mentions... prep workflow is important, especially primer... let it sink in (10 minutes) before you start applying product... I typically will groom brows while primer does it's thing...

That said, here is a wealth of other artist thoughts on the aforementioned...

Might benefit from learning how to use the MM Search Function...
I'm addicted to it...  lol 
best thing since sliced bread smile 

seriously... search issues, if you are having problems there is a significant chance others have been there to...

hope this helps...

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Logan Vandekieft

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I'm certainly no makeup artist, but that's been my experience, too...let the primer sit for a bit before you put stuff on top.

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Thanks so much for all the information  I don't have an eye cream in my kit so I will look into that Bobbi Brown one and also change my technique by using less powder and the smaller brush. Also thanks for that link lots of good info I will familiarize myself with the search function lol.

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I had the opportunity to work with a client this weekend she wanted me to do makeup for a photo shoot she was doing with friends. I picked up a clinique eye cream and tried the techniques advised in this thread and they worked very well. Thanks so much everyone for the help. The under eye area was great now my choice in foundation was another story but thats for another post I guess lol.

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