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Rowen Bellamy

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I recently updated my portfolio thanks to a gifted Premium Account. I'm looking for feedback on what needs to go and or be added. I will critique back for those interested. Thanks in advance!

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Marin Photography NYC

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New York, New York, US

I would suggest a few full length shots of you. Maybe cut down the amount of photos to 30. Aside from that you have an awesome look and port! From what I can see you have worked with some really good photographers.

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Eros Fine Art Photo

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Torrance, California, US

Everything in your portfolio is either good, or VERY good.  You seem to have a good eye for acceptable photography and have filled your portfolio with well lit work. 

These are my least favorites shots though...
This is just too blown out and I don't like the shadow crossing over your neck.
I don't care for the styling on this.  I simply doesn't work with the setting.  The pose is a little awkward as well.  I would rather see you in something like jeans and a tank top for this location.
This looks like the photographer snapped you while you were mid-sentence.  Your face is contorted, which doesn't fit the beauty setting and the makeup.
I've never been big on overly dramatic makeup and bling.  The angle is also weird and the lighting is pretty bad (so scratch part of what I said before about everything being good).  Not your fault, but it's really not worth having in your portfolio.

My Favorites: … f15c_m.jpg (18+)
Love the coy expression.
Makeup is beautiful and I like the lighting.
This is hauntingly beautiful. … 0383_m.jpg (18+)
Love your figure.  Great tatt too. 

You have a beautiful look and good taste, so keep doing what you're doing.  If you're ever in L.A., I'd gladly shoot with you.

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Azia Rose

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Portland, Oregon, US

Okay, so here are the shots I think are not serving you:
While it is a beautiful and interesting image I don't think it's showcasing you very much. I think it's a shot a lot of girls could have in their portfolio--in a way you are interchangeable with just about anyone else. Perhaps it's the fact that I really can't see any of your features?
You're pretty--but it's an amateur shot. Probably not really your fault to be honest, it's just that that shot has been taken by every photographer at least once and does little to nothing to serve a model of your caliber!!
Why did they make you look like a Kardashian?
I just kind of think it's not showcasing you in the right light. I don't know, it just doesn't POP!

You're gorgeous and you have your own aesthetic that really works for you!! I love how varied your port is, you can do so many things and have wonderful versatility. I'd say only use the most professional and flattering images for your MM port and if you would like to show off the rest then you would do well with a facebook page! That's where I have all the "ehhh, but I still like it" shots smile

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