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Im sure the rates are different for every area and expertise. Looking for a average of what a MUA charges . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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my MUAs have ranged anywhere from TF to $125 for one look. it's a pretty broad range. just depends on the MUA and where they are in their career.

some MUAs have one charge for makeup and another for hair. again it seems to vary.

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This has been discussed so many times here. … rt_order=0

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This can be anywhere from $50 to $3000 a day. Find out what MUA are charging in your area.

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look online and see what people are charging in your area, it's a lot easier that way as opposed to asking people in different parts of the world what they charge because it varies.

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kehayhurst images wrote:
...Im sure the rates are different for every area...

Kahayhurst that is indeed correct, only the local competition in Delaware, Ohio can provide you with relevant information on the aforementioned...

kehayhurst images wrote:
...Looking for a average of what a MUA charges...

Honestly  don't think a statistical analysis would be relevant here... i.e. average is about as meaningful to an Artist recompense as to that of a photographer... the guy/gal snapping portraiture at Penny's in store studio isn't in the same league as a tenured commercial shooter doing a fashion campaign for a major brand, albeit they both could be and oft are working in the same geographical market... just at different levels... hope this makes sense...

kehayhurst images wrote:
...Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

What I can do is provide you with published rates from the only legitimate agency in my market (Washington DC)  Please keep in mind these numbers were on-line several years back before the downturn of the industry... T.H.E. Artist Agency no longer showcases it's STYLIST RATE SCHEDULE...

But here's what I believe you where seeking...  Not my numbers mind you, but rather agency numbers from several years back...  Remember they warranty a tenured highly skilled competent artist to be on location, on time regardless... That is why they are in business...

Hair/Make-Up: First 3 hours $75-$100 per hour Additional Hours: $50-75 per hour
Day Rate: $400 - $750

Hope this helps...

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the area matters but so do you... How busy are you?  If you are turning down work because you are over booked... Keep raising your prices... You want to raise them until you are working the amount you want to work... I just raised mine and actually put the rates on my site in order to deter new clients and  slow work down. When things pick up, it's time to raise...if you get slow you can go back to normal have to fluctuate with your work load I think.

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Jaime Criel Makeup wrote:
This can be anywhere from $50 to $3000 a day. Find out what MUA are charging in your area.


Please do not, as the photographer above mentioned, charge on a "per look" basis. While acceptable if you work in a niche market such as bridal, commercial work is ALWAYS on a full or half daily rate basis.

I charge very differently when I work at home (Seattle) than when I'm working in the LA area. Different market.

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I always ask first what is the budget for the job.  Sometimes the photographer knows before the call, sometimes they are putting together quotes and need a starting point.   There are times  we play cat and mouse to get to the opening quote.  I say this becuse I don't want to give a price and find out I didn't get the job because I was say 50 bucks more then someone else. Or if there is more money to be had and I left it on the table.  I hate when someone asks what is my rate without any information given.  There are times I have to drag information from the caller.  Number of models, how many looks, location, if they will cover parking, half day, full day, where the images are going, etc etc .  I find here that unless it is for a regular client of mine, I have to watch how I bid jobs.  Working in South Florida is not that simple.  Everyone is willing to work for way less to get started.  Then they find out that they shot themselves in the foot because they never will be worth anything.  I have learned the hard way when I have given a price for the job, showed up on the day of the shoot and told we have added models, or number of looks, or we need you to stay when my price was for in and out, or the shoot is longer then we thought and there is no extra money can you also pitch in and style it.   I have heard it all.  Here people will try to offer you little and expect a lot.  So it isn't as simple as what is your rate.  I will say however the better the gig pays, the easier and more fun it is to do.  R-

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it varies by region but charge what your worth. look at what others are charging in your area

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Rates are different all over, but it's safe to say any "artist" charging per look is a noobe you should avoid.  Makeup artists usually charge by the day or 1/2 day, often with discounts for agency tests.

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I don't know what this translates to for someone in Ohio but I do $300 half day and $500 full day. Some jobs have paid more, and some have paid less per day if they were jobs that committed me for many days for the project.

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The OP is a photographer, not an MUA, so perhaps they are looking to find out what is the right rate to PAY an MUA.

However, the advise you have received is correct.  We can't tell you what the fair rate is for your area. 

We also can't tell you what a fair rate is based on the type of work involved. 

Many of the responses have been from pros who are working on commercial projects, and those rates can range well up to $3000 as one person mentioned.

But if you are shooting solely for portfolio or artistic purposes you may well be able to find MUA who will work for much less than a commercial project.  Of course you will generally get what you pay for, meaning the less experienced artists are more likely willing to do the job for the lower rate.

So if you can tell us a bit more about the type of projects you have in mind, perhaps people in your market can provide some more useful advice.

Certainly when you approach a makeup artist to hire them tell them everything about the job to get the right quote.  Let them know how many people/models, location, themes, number of looks, length of shoot, special effects makeup required etc.  Not only can they give you the right price they can also let you know if what you need can be done with the available resources.

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kehayhurst images wrote:
Im sure the rates are different for every area and expertise. Looking for a average of what a MUA charges . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

There is no global "average". Rates are determined by skill level, geographical location and what the market is paying at that time. A mid-level artist in NYC might charge 3x the basic photo rate that an artist at the same level in Philadelphia would - even though they are both working in an urban center of their state. Skill+Location+Market = Rate.

Research makeup artists in your area at an experience level you feel comfortable with. Check their online ports. Make a list of the artists whose body of work you like and contact them for rates. Combine these rates and then average it out.

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I guess this question kind of goes along with the topic of this thread.

I'm setting up some shoots to expand my portfolio and all involved are working TFP. While I'm fine with trading time for time and skills for skills I would like to have some consideration for the fact that the MUA uses up her supplies that they paid for in the process of the shoot. What would be a reasonable amount to give the MUA toward their supplies?

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Kit fees are only paid in TV/movie industry. The MUA will either do it TF*, because it will benefit their portfolio, or they should charge you.

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