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Hello,  though I've been a member of the site for a few years always intending to get started, I shot my first model this past November.  Before that I'd done mostly landscapes.  I've really caught the bug and have done quite a few shoots in the past six months.   I know I need to get out of the studio and do some location shots, or at least vary the background settings, but I was wondering if there are mistakes I'm making in my choice of poses, lighting, is my style "all over the place", do I need to take a course in photoshop (I only do some minimal editing in most photos) anything would help and my feelings won't be hurt because I have no ambition beyond keeping this as a hobby.
In fact, I'm pretty happy right now as one of my goals was attained this past weekend as a nice model here in London, where I'm living at the moment, contacted me through another site yesterday asking if I'd do a TF shoot with her based on my most recent shots.  So please take me back down a peg or two, but not three, I do have some ego! ;-)    Thanks, John
P.S. sure, she may have messaged a hundred other photographers, but I'm blissfully unaware of that!

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You seem to be off to a good start, getting good poses and interactions from what seem to be pretty good models. A couple of the head-shots were slightly soft in focus, but otherwise good.

The shot of "April in Mayfair" appears (at least in its MM version) to be a bit flat, needing a bit more contrast and brightening to my eye. I often find it necessary  to brighten up the jpegs after I've rendered them in LR, and before I post them on MM, as their process seems to darken and flatten them in many cases.

Good luck!

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JBS1 wrote:

have you considered investing time in portrait galleries to understand the qualities of light and how artist use them to showcase their models features in compelling narratives?

this works...
amazing talent and team synergy..

JBS1 wrote:
... have no ambition beyond keeping this as a hobby...

then I'm not investing any additional effort in an in depth analysis... 
sorry time is precious... this is an industry that I obtain my livelihood from... 

all the best on your journey...

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I'd say your work is excellent, lighting is pretty good on all of them.

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