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Francisco Castro

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Cincinnati, Ohio, US

I took a look at my portfolio and realized that I don't have any beach swimsuit shots.

Any recommendations on places on the continental US with both amazing beach locations as well as photographer/photoshoot friendly communities and amenities?

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Francisco Castro

Posts: 2373

Cincinnati, Ohio, US


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Al Lock Photography

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Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand

South Beach

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Good Egg Productions

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Orlando, Florida, US

The Keys are nice.

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Select Models

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Los Angeles, California, US

We conduct 'Weekday Beach Minishoots' on Wednesday's during the summer here in SoCal, and if you're ever out here, you're welcome to attend.  There's dozens of images on the MM port from those shoots... feel free to check'm out... wink

Here's a shot of Andrea from a previous WBM!

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Fresno, California, US

To of my favorite locations is Baker Beach … beach.html and Half Moon Bay

Baker Beach there is variety looks you can pull from this location.

Baker Beach image
bakerbeach by FullMetalPhotographer, on Flickr
JillClean by FullMetalPhotographer, on Flickr
glam2_127 by FullMetalPhotographer, on Flickr
reflection by FullMetalPhotographer, on Flickr
rock012 by FullMetalPhotographer, on Flickr
glam2_116 copy by FullMetalPhotographer, on Flickr

Half Moon Bay you get the run of the beach for a small permit fee.

Half Moon Bay images
glam2_065 by FullMetalPhotographer, on Flickr
JillSharp04 by FullMetalPhotographer, on Flickr
rock01 by FullMetalPhotographer, on Flickr
glam3_061 by FullMetalPhotographer, on Flickr

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Jessheim, Akershus, Norway

Nothing but a fantastic beach, but you should have a look at Sombrero beach @ Marathon Key. Very nice and tidy, and very quiet in the morning. Facing south-south-east, for those amazing sunrize shots. … r&t=m&z=14

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Adam Rich Photography

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Pensacola, Florida, US

I shoot every week from Miami Beach to Jupiter Inlet, and I still believe the best beaches in the country are up in the Florida Panhandle. Best sand, cleanest waterline, nice wave action, and you can get as far away from your neighbors as you'd like. Ft. Pickens State Park in Pensacola Beach is a great place.

I'm originally from the keys, and lived there fairly recently. There are very few nice beachs (Bahia Honda is one) and it's a roll of the dice on how many onlookers/gawkers you're going to end up with.

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GER Photography

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Imperial, California, US

Sand stuck to the models ass seems to be very popular!:-))

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Culturally Destitute

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Seattle, Washington, US

I second FL panhandle.

Just shot in Pensacola, (Ft Pickens ) last month. Had a fantastic shoot.

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Marin Photography NYC

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New York, New York, US

Florida Keys, if I had a choice that would be it!  They don't frown on a little nudity, thongs, etc.

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LA StarShooter

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Los Angeles, California, US

Malibu has extraordinary beaches. You can get permits to shoot at them and it's not too expensive. I think shooting at the Keys would be nice. Southern California has a coastline that rocks--it  has rocks, some gorgeous formations. Green cliffs, here and there. The colour of the sand on some of those beaches with the little caves just make it glorious. The movie industry moved here for a good reason.

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Michael Bots

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Kingston, Ontario, Canada

South end of Lake Michigan.   Michigan City and environs. Surfing. Dunes. Long beaches.

Indiana Dunes State Park
(look up Rice St at Hwy 12 on Google maps/satellite/photos just west of town)

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Tropical Photography

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Sarasota, Florida, US

Areas along the Gulf Coast of Florida is quite nice..  Siesta Key Beach has some of the best sand in the world.. All quartz so even when the weather is steamy, the sand is still nice and cool.. However, if you wants rocks and such, east coast of Florida is the best.. But tough to do sunsets on the east coast..

Now in the Keys, you have the best of both worlds being able to do both sunrise and sunset..

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Francisco Castro

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Cincinnati, Ohio, US

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll be planning my trip after looking at your recommendations!

Thanks again!

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