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                                 THIS IS HIS NEWEST SCAM
                ...please help us put him and his girlfriend AWAY!!!

I apologize in advance to those who was contacted by "me" about the film. It is not real and I have no idea who wrote it, where it is getting shot at and who is sponsoring the movie. It was not me, it was a man name Dray Jones who is known as Gepetto, his real name is Andre Vann. He claims to be a manager who know a lot of famous people. He is working with is girlfriend Samia Molina to scam people mostly women of their life savings. I've been transferring money into her account for months. Please if you given them money or bought things for them or know anyone who did please tell them to contact me on here and I'll try to help them. Please help us put Andre Vann away for good. He's been arrested a couple of time but they couldn't hold him because it is an argument dispute. But if more victims comes out we could get the police and even the FBI on the case and have him put away for good. He had scam hundreds of people and ruin hundreds of life. Please help us stop him. He is still scamming people posing as someone else. Here are two news videos showing his victims and what he did to them. If you are still in contact with "Dray" PLEASE do not ask him if this is real or fake or if he done it. I am a prove of his scam and so are these videos. I know he promised you everything you wanted and you believed him because you want it so bad your willing to close one eye...but the truth is he is a fake and you must have both eyes open to walk or you trip and fall. Pleas do your research before working with someone. I wish I did. PLEASE HELP US PUT HIM AWAY FOR GOOD BY COMING FORTH AND CONTACT ME! … ker/nWQQN/ … mic/nXWxB/ … z2Oa5SCYwF

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