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Colin Rogers

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

If you choose to look through them, thank you smile

May 20 13 10:34 am Link



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San Diego, California, US

Colin Rogers wrote:
If you choose to look through them, thank you smile

Generally speaking, no. Many of them just feel very amateurish with noticeable technical issues (soft focus, coloration issues). You also look very "green" in a lot of your shots. Try relaxing a bit more moving forward as you look very stiff and unnatural. As a viewer it makes me feel uncomfortable seeing you uncomfortable.

You have some "nice" picture but nothing that would persuade me to hire you professionally. However the images may be good enough to land more shoots. Gluck!

good image but the suit looks slightly big on you. find better fitting clothes when prepping a shoot. BUT this is one of your best images. i like it

good clean portrait. This would work okay for a comp card.

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they are awful in several ways- crap photography and clueless model.

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Michael Novo

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Chicago, Illinois, US

No for the most part...the ones in the suit are the closest to being so-so.

May 20 13 09:26 pm Link