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Makeup Artist

Vanita MUA

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Seattle, Washington, US

Let me know if the pictures make for a strong portfolio. Is it okay to have a beauty category and include wedding pics. I dont want to have too many links. The point of my website is to attract commercial and bridal clients.

I appreciate your input. Thanks!

May 21 13 01:29 pm Link


Matthew Gwinn

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Ypsilanti, Michigan, US

If the idea is to attract Commercial and Bridal Clients why don't you have those as categories rather than Beauty and Fashion?

To be honest I couldn't even tell any of those pics were bridal photos.

I would also remove This image
It's not really at the same level as the other photos and really stands out in a not good way.

You should also see if you can get portrait versions of the landscape shots in the fashion images. All of that background is just wasted space on your page and they throw off the balance since there are only 2. You could also just remove them as you have plenty of shots.

Now I don't know much about make-up artistry marketing (nothing really), but if I was hiring a make-up artist I think before and after shots would sell me on your talent far more than a bunch of pictures of beautiful women that for all I know looked beautiful before you did anything.

Just my 2 cents.

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Lake City, Florida, US

Some of your best images are not on your home page. Looks like your home page pictures and your beauty pictures are the same. Some of the fashio ones are better than some of the beauty ones. I would mix up the home page with the best of each.

May 21 13 02:09 pm Link


Trisha May Photography

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Colchester, Connecticut, US

I agree with Matt on taking out that one photo, it just does not look like it belongs. I would also put the stronger photos on your front page and in this case all of your fashion makeups are stronger than the beauty ones.

May 21 13 02:11 pm Link


Colin Winter

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

From a UI standpoint help us scroll!

Try this:

May 23 13 10:09 am Link