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Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Let's see how practical this turns out to be. Essentially a Russian Roulette type...

As I go first I say - Yes wink

May 22 13 11:46 pm Link


G Maxwell Photography

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Hermosa Beach, California, US

Of Course. Such a beautiful portfolio filled with stunning images. How could I say no!?

May 22 13 11:58 pm Link



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Buffalo, New York, US

Aww thanks! I'm flattered!

I would most definitely work with the person below me, I can't wait to set something up!

May 23 13 12:00 am Link


Odin Photo

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Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Thank you! I've gone through the person's port below me and I must say that is some interesting work, but my HANDS DOWN FAVORITE image is the third in the top row. I am looking to put my own spin on this. Wonderful stuff!!! Come shoot with me anytime! smile

May 23 13 12:32 am Link


Jorge Kreimer

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Los Angeles, California, US

No! tongue
Bah, humbug!

May 23 13 04:48 pm Link



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Tempe, Arizona, US


It's amazing that you ever work with anyone!  ;-)

The one below me has inspired me to such a degree that I would do almost anything to get the opportunity to collaborate!  Such a Beautiful Soul and Incredible Personality!

Let's shoot!  smile

May 23 13 11:23 pm Link