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Svetlana Muerte

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Austin, Texas, US

I already did a google search. And youtube tutorial searches. So overwhelming!

What I am looking for is styling advice (makeup and wardrobe) for this genre. I know which direction I am heading in as far as creating cyberlock falls.

But what I want to know is what seems to make the look more realistic/passable. There are some really lame pictures out there, and then there are ones (Terrorcat) that are great.

I'm trying to figure out the styling difference. Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Makeup Artist

Esoteric Makeup

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My goth days are long over, but the common elements to cybergoth are (at least in my experience) shaved brows that are then drawn in thinly with a severe arch or Vulcan-like (Star Trek reference, bam!), waste cinchers rather than full corsets, platformed stompy boots, the hair falls,  black eyeliner with a pop of color to match whatever color your falls are, pale, etc.

I still have friends in that scene. I could ask around for more specifics and message you with the details if you like smile

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Makeup Artist


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My friend has a 'goth' makeup blog- It might give you some ideas, as well as tips!

and her instagram:

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Vyper Lily

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If you PM me, I can give you the info of a couple cybergoth performers here in Austin. :]

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Svetlana Muerte

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Austin, Texas, US

ThirdEyeMakeup wrote:
My friend has a 'goth' makeup blog- It might give you some ideas, as well as tips!

and her instagram:


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Countess Grotesque

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I do this look very frequently, I'm more than happy to help via pm also. Here are a few examples I've done on myself. (sorry my best examples are mostly happy snaps)
Think of futuristic, that is what cyber goth is all about.
You can still use the basic methods of glamour make-up for example but change the colours to brighter neon colours. And add things like little dots, or drawn on circuit boards and little futuristic shapes etc. For some reason tribal done in neon etc also works.
There are so many different forms of cyber so I hope my examples help a little bit at least. Some are clearly meant to be for clubs under UV lights to glow, so they look better that way, but you get the idea I think. smile

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I love the look personally, it's just expensive to keep up with so I do it sometimes.
Adora Batbrat isn't a cyber goth exactly but a lot of her looks correlate with it. She has excellent tutorials. Here is one:

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Michelle Elleman-Cali

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As a member of the goth subculture and highly involved in the fashion I can tell you that Cybergoth is very subject and is very open to interpretation, however, there are certain aspects of it that are fundamental.

First of all- MODERN. Technology, think of yourself wrapped up with wires and suffocated by a gas mask. Neon colors are primary, but they need to be off-set by black or else it isn't Cybergoth. There's a fine line between Rave and Cybergoth.

Covering the mouth is very popular too. Either by a full gas mask or a small mask covering the nose and mouth, there's almost always something there for a prop. Not saying you have to, but it would be encouraged.

Dreadlocks and Dreadfalls are also a must have. You can either buy them or make them, but they clip right into your hair and really pull off the look.

Makeup is usually pretty dramatic and you might end up hiring a makeup artist. No eyebrows is popular, but not necessarily needed. It just helps with the dramatic look to have drawn-on pencil-thin eyebrows.

Drama. Think drama. You aren't able to pose with your mouth if it's covered, so you need to convey a lot more emotion through your eyes and body language.

Clothing is pretty self-explanatory and open to interpretation. Short skirts, fishnets, neon colors with lots of black, leg warmers, big shoes, whatever you want to do really.

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Vi Synster

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Ophelia Overdose has some kickass pics smile

I love the cyber fashion (cyber punk and cyber goth).
Normally, I have cream-based BRIGHT-neon type eye make up. I use black link liner on my top lid and then I normally have like lots or small black X's on my temples. lipstick can vary from either black or very bright (like same color as your eye make up bright XD).

Clothing wise:
I normally look for very dark (like black) clothes with neon color outlines, specially with corsets. Have the bottoms be like a black mini skirt and neon bright tights with horizontal black stripes. That or have a pair of sexy black high heels smile

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