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Esoteric Makeup

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A client is hiring me to do her makeup for a themed roller derby bout and I want to make sure whatever I pick up to use is going to last through that kind of activity. I'd feel kind of horrible if by the end of the bout she looked like she was melting. What products or techniques do you guys recommend that will last through sweaty activities?

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Esoteric Makeup wrote:
Sweat resistant makeup?

TEMPTU S/B is an industry standard for the aforementioned... not adapt at airbrush? no worries, look into Ben Nye Final Seal

Both will accomplish the task, albeit TEMPTU S/B is my fav by far and away...

All the best on your journey...

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Big A-Larger Than Life

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Omg same question I have!   Here in TX I can't seem to find a foundation that doesn't sweat off!   And I HATE like 3-4 hrs after applying when it all starts sweating and without fail foundation and eye makeup start sweating I guess into my eyes and it burns!

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I live on an island so I have to deal with sweat and humidity a lot. I would NOT recommend over powdering since that will start to flake and look cakey. I've had good results with urban decay eye primer and cinema secrets humidity sealer. I also like using Temptu S/B.

Just instruct your client not to wipe her face when she sweats instead provide her with some tissues and ask her to dab the surface of the skin so that she is least likely to disrupt the makeup.

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I'd try Makeup for Ever face and body (it's long wearing and waterproof... some say even sweatproof)

And maybe Hourglass Veil primer- makes any makeup water-resistant... I assume it will also work well with sweat.

Last but not least, Becca Ever matte poreless priming perfector- Oil controlling for up to eight hours... But the way this formula feels makes me think it's the best for controlling sweat.

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Esoteric Makeup

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Thanks for all the replies! I'm looking into everything now big_smile

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Vi Synster

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I always look for make up brands that say "water proof" or "sweat proof" and look for reviews about them online to see if they hold up to what they claim. I've even found a few eye liner pencils that claim to be "swim proof", which I'm looking into because I want to have on make up for a mermaid shoot smile

But yeah, look for the really strong liquid-proof type make up brands and see if they hold up with reviews smile

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Cynna Stylz MUA

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Do some research on FIXX foundation by KETT cosmetics. I have used it on myself and it works well.

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rick lesser

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Pressed mineral foundation and shadows work great.  The more they sweat the better they look.  They are made to work with or without water remember.  R-

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