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Alexia Foxx

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Tyler, Texas, US

I need honest evaluation of my images, both good and bad, as well as any suggestions or critique you may be able to offer! I will return the favor!

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Horns Up Photography

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Norwalk, California, US

This one I like but could use better make up or at least in post the retouching could be better. On your nose it looks like a blemish not covered or poorly covered. I like your look and the mood of this one.
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Simply amazing and great post edit work. Love your look here and the BG is amazing and has a nice old school feel with the colors like right out of the 60's era

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Nice series here but my fav is the 2nd one in B&W. Great pose and use of bokeh in the BG.
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This one looks great but I feel like there could be better light on the left portion of your face. The pose and shot is sultry and sexy. You got a unique look that requires unique shots. The ones I commented were my favs out of the whole port. The other ones I did not feel anything for. Keep up the good work. Beautiful woman.

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San Jose, California, US

Like the previous critique, I think my favorite image in your portfolio is this one:

It conveys the most emotion and really makes me think.  It also does a great job of highlighting a models job of being more than just a pretty face.

However, there are a few images, lets call it the second row, that just don't seem to show off your beauty and contrary to that they make you look bored and pained to be modeling. 

Hope that helps a little.

Jun 14 13 06:14 pm Link