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Raven Wylde

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Columbus, Ohio, US

If you would like to could you please give me your honest opinion. I do want to get better. I know I have a long way to go but I would like to know what steps I should take to get to the next round.

Thank you.
Also, please try to be nice..but honest.

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Damaged Daisy Syn

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Woodbury, Minnesota, US

In your unassigned folder, I would pick one of images four through eight and ditch the rest. Having one image that is more plain and show how you look naturally is great, but they just aren't a good as (in particular) your art nudes. The art nude section is by far your strength. Your last image in the art nudes section also sticks out to me as just not being on the same level as the other images in that folder.

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Marissa St Claire

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Eugene, Oregon, US

Your artistic album looks good except for the very last picture, it doesn't do much for your port.  The cosplay album looks okay, they aren't very high quality pictures but they aren't terrible either. I enjoy the one swimwear picture you have and would love to see more in a similar style.

The last two pics in your unassigned album aren't very good and should probably be taken down. My favorite in that album is the second picture. It is the most artistic in my opinion and really stands out from the rest of your port.

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Raven Wylde

Posts: 76

Columbus, Ohio, US

Thank you for the help, I made sure to get rid of the stuff I didn't need. Very helpful critiques!

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GNapp Studios

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Somerville, New Jersey, US

After your first two rows, your port gets very weak.

Your first two rows prove you can do nudes and do them well, but the outfits in your last couple of roads are nothing that will draw attention.  Get some sizzle in your wardrobe. 

I would also replace the head shot...get one where you have makeup done by a MUA.

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Pistol Dreams

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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Personally I don't like half face photos in a models portfolio so in my opinion this needs to go:

The ones of value to me that make me want to hire you are:

This lighting is lovely giving you a great glow (this whole shoot rocks! work with this photographer more!) and your pose is good. ttp://

Again great work on the photographers lighting and the location is wonderful. It gives me a good idea of you as a model but I'd like to see more expression:

I like this because you're smiling but I hate the retouch, I'd personally get some headshots done:

This one is really expressive and I love how relaxed your face is:

These two confuse me because I'm not sure how your hair looks now. Personally I'd keep your port updated with your current look or let people know in your bio;

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Raven Wylde

Posts: 76

Columbus, Ohio, US

Ahhh okay, thanks again. I didn't know my hair was confusing people but I can see how that could become an issue.

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Marin Photography NYC

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New York, New York, US

Keep practicing so that your poses look more natural.

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Bath, England, United Kingdom

Art nudes are clearly where your calling lies as a model.

Get rid of the avatar immediately - I don't know what's going on there with the photography/photoshop but it makes you look like a bug eyed alien!

Just my $0.02


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