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Ali Choudhry Photo

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

This is the first 'bodyscape' type image I've shot as well as my fist time working with shiny surfaces such as latex.

Feedback appreciated!

Jun 09 13 10:48 pm Link



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Errrr.....what's going on here?  It looks as though the hand is covered in oil (masturbation comes to mind) but the rest of him is not.  If you wouldn't have mentioned latex in the OP, it's not obvious by looking at the image. It's a bit disturbing, and overall, I don't think the concept worked.

Jun 13 13 07:52 pm Link



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Looks like you were juxtaposing textures... didn't really hit it.  You may want to try rotating the body more front to camera and the light as well. You may need to add in some lights to get the reflections you need off the latex.

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It does look like you missed the mark a bit.
I can see where you were going but the picture, while well lit for the most part, is a bit confusing. Rotating the body so the hand shows more and possibly we could see the end effect where the latex stopped on the wrist/forearm may have turned this into a winner.

And I think you should either move up so the penis is not shown at all or move down and show the entire thing....what you chose to show just adds to the confusion of the photo.

Jun 14 13 02:37 am Link