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Meg Tyler

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Marsascala, South Eastern, Malta

So just wondering, what makeup you would suggest to best hide and cover dark circles and bags under eyes, or the best tricks of hiding them?

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If you run a search you'll find TONS of threads about this topic.

I have found E.L.F. liquid under eye stick to be the best and it's cheap.

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Miss Photog

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though I haven't tried it myself, I have been told by a few different makeup artists that tattoo coverup works well.
for myself, I use physicians formula undereye concealer since I have sensitive skin.

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Makeup Artist


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Just a reminder also that dark circles are one thing and bags another.
You rarely apply the same colors/textures to achieve a nice result because they are to be taken differently.

Cover/balance color vs playing with lights and shadows to hide the d*mn bags

You can guess that I'm stucked with those hahaha

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Makeup Artist


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makeuplacoquette wrote:
Just a reminder also that dark circles are one thing and bags another...

+1  This...

If there is a significant color differential then you need to handle that first... typically blue/purple is the issue for Caucasian skin tones... the more vivid the hue/chroma of the purple/blue the more vivid a salmon tint camouflage to counter...  I've been using Eve Pearl's Salmon concealer wheel for years... it's highly effective...

That said once you've neutralized the color anomalies then you have to correct the shade to match the adjacent skin...  it's a two step process...

Keep in mind that concealer is simply highly pigmented foundation...

You can use any emollient-based, highly pigmented product such as RCMA to provide opaque coverage.

When I'm airbrushing with TEMPTU S/B I use their concealer wheel...

Hope this helps...

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