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Alec Dawson

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This is a six week symposium and concepts based workshop that focuses on the style, history and techniques of classic and contemporary nude portraiture.  It is a lecture based workshop that will focus on conceptual and communication elements of nude portraiture through the survey of the works of renowned international artists. 

Each week will focus on a different genre of nude portraiture including:  glamour, fashion, art, environmental, tableaux, self-portraiture, grotesque and the fetish photography.  Participants will be introduced to critical concepts and philosophies of what makes a powerful nude portrait. 

The goal of the course is to develop, coach, elevate, and cultivate each person’s photographic style.  Each participant will develop their own signature nude portraiture series by leveraging the concepts and ideas that are examined throughout the course.  Participants will be given positive critique and feedback on their nude portrait photography by the group with goal of elevating the desired performance of each person’s work.  This course is ideal for those who have a firm understanding of the principles of photography want to develop a contextual, conceptual and theoretical platform to grow from, or anyone interested in gaining a knowledge bank in art nude photography.

Class 1: History of the Nude
Class 2: Glamour / Fashion /Fetish Nude
Class 3: Mind Bending Nude
Class 4: Tableaux / Self Portrait Nude
Class 5: Documentary & Grotesque Nude
Class 6: Exhibition of the Art Nude

Instructor:  Alec Dawson
Location:  TAP Gallery, 45 Burton St, Darlinghurst
Time: Monday evenings 7pm-10pm
Dates:  July 15th through August 19th
Fees:  $275 per person
Basic technical knowledge of cameras and lighting
Class Size: 10 students maximum /3 students minimum

To register for the class please contact: Alec Dawson / [email protected] /

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