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- Aina -

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I don't care the camera so long as the product is worthy of us both.

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Squid Puke

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I have no issues with what camera they decide to use however I would like to be notified prior to agreeing to prices/etc.
I once went to a shoot with two photographers on one project. I worked with the first photographer and then the second photographer jumped in with his iphone.
I was surprised and at first very offended as it was a nude shoot and it was just a hobby of his.
He tried to impress me with all the 'cool filters' he could add to it.
Upon receiving these images, they were not only low quality but very tiny. They were of no use to me.
I wouldn't decline another shoot with an iphone but I would like to know ahead of time.

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Bob Helm Photography

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Shandra Stark wrote:

Film= much, much, much different, for the model.

Working with a film photographer is not very dissimilar from sitting for a painter (sitting super, super still for potentially a long period of time), but requires even a bit more, since everything needs to be so unbelievably precise, and in a painting, a small movement doesn't matter.

Every time I work for a film photographer, I feel honored, because it feels like you have to REALLY have a certain skill set to move and sit so precisely- not for beginner models.

I mean, obviously people who shoot film do shoot everyday people who've never modeled, but if they want something specific...they need to/should go with a pro.

Different photographers work differently.
Dean Collins, great photographer and teacher, would have a precise plan do one or a few similar poses and be done. He would have a great shot.
Francesco Scavullo , known for his Cosmo covers, always said you NEVER got anything good from the first TEN rolls (approx. 100 to 120 shots) and would spend the day to get one cover shot.
Both great photographers and IMO neither would change how they shoot in a digital age.
I know film photographers who measured the success of a shoot by how many rolls of film they burned thru, others who measure success by the few good images they capture. Film or digital IMO does not matter...the style and attitude of the photographer does.

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Quality of latest iPhone images can never match those of latest DSLR.  So, if you are really into IQ, then start using real DSLR instead of camera phone!

  There are so many things that the camera phone can't do where DSLR exceed.

  For any serious work, camera phone shouldn't be used.

If I was a model and someone going to use iPhone to take pics of me, I would walk away!

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If anything they should worry about the lenses.

That being said there are some old "slow" zoom lenses that are a lot better (sharper) than they should be, especially since they are going for $30 these days. Not great if you are shooting low light, or need to kill the background, but for $30 who cares

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