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Well, you asked for it: you got it!  I've been getting more and more requests where attendees would like to see my actual process as far as shooting goes and how I direct models (a short look at me actually shooting and working with a model), as well as what I do after the shoot (post-work).  This will be a full day workshop that will focus on mostly hard light sources and color toning.

This will be a bit of a departure from the past workshops, it will still be about the overall process and focused on communication and interaction with the models, but this time it will be more information driven.  You'll see how I do what I do and why on a case by case basis to get the look I want.  Nothing scripted, just real time testing and working through problems and finding solutions.  This will be technical, and will involve the in's-and-out's of how I do things, how I light them, how I shoot, and what I do post shoot to get the images I want with regards to working with agency models.

Most workshops in the past have focused on working with natural lighting with just a little anecdotal information on strobes.  This will be the opposite.  We'll focus more on studio lighting this time around and discuss modifiers, and why I prefer certain ones over others (I prefer harder light when using studio lighting).

This workshop is meant to correct some of the bad habits I see others do, and to offer some solutions for being more efficient, and ultimately improving the overall quality of your work.

The day will begin with the usual lecture portion, only this time fleshed out into a more traditional classroom learning type setting.  We'll go over an overview of the generally understood rights and wrongs, common misconceptions, when to "break the rules", and what would generally constitute a successful shoot.  I will show you examples of "good" and "bad" images, this is especially important for those of you with a desire to shoot for agencies. 

We will then begin with the "How I work" portion, and you will watch as I communicate with and direct a model, and tweak the lighting as needed to achieve the results I want.  We'll have breaks to allow for real-time Q&A and following this portion the group will break up and shoot on their own with me floating around to answer any questions you might have and offer tips/advice from a more technical standpoint.

We will then break for lunch, and upon return we'll move onto the post-shoot portion of the workshop where we'll cover the following:

Editing (ie. image selection) - I will show how to spot a good image, and how to spot a bad one.  We'll focus on developing and eye for good images and how to effectively train ourselves to cull the bad ones instantly.  In my opinion editing is the biggest area for mistakes a photographer will run into.

Initial post-work/workflow - We'll cover color work in LR4 and for those that don't have LR I'll cover a couple basics in PS CS6 as well.  The emphasis here will be color tones, split-toning, and creative coloring using LR.

Retouching - I will go over some of the steps I use to retouch my images as you see them on here and my website via Photoshop (CS6).  We'll cover my methods for D&B, liquify, skin work, masking, etc.

The details:

Date: 7/20

Location: Studio OC (Fountain Valley)

Time: 9-6pm

Cost: $325 payable to paypal: [email protected]

Registration due by 7/17

Cancellation prior to 7/10/13 = Full refund
Cancellation after 7/10 but prior to 7/17/13 = 50% refund
Cancellations after 7/17/13 = No refund

Models: TBA (Will be quality agency models I've worked with as any of the prior attendees can attest to wink ), minimum of 3 with low photog:model ratio as always.

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2 spots gone!

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