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Dynamite Editorials Photo Shoot at Walk N Express Horse Ranch June 29th 2013!

I am BEYOND excited to announce that the next Dynamite Editorials photo shoot will be held at Walk N Express Horse Ranch on June 29th! This is an opportunity for photographers to gain experience on a photo shoot working with live animals! Dynamite Editorials offers photographers so much more than an opportunity to shoot professionally styled models. Artists also have an opportunity to win my Photo of the Day Contest featured on my blog, a chance to be featured on multiple fashion blogs, and an opportunity to get published in various magazines! The best of the best photos from the day will be submitted to a list of Fashion and Horse magazines courtesy of Dynamite Editorials in an effort to get emerging artists published!

We will be photographing beautiful horses, chickens, and of course models at an exclusive ranch in Wildomar. Shooting will begin in the late afternoon at 3pm and go until sunset. Lunch & Dinner will be provided.

Check out our inspiration board for this shoot: … oto-shoot/

We will be working with gorgeous Tennessee Walking Horses, which are bred especially for their sure-footedness, calm demeanor, and well-mannered temperament.

To see a gallery of photos of the property check out my blog announcement: … tnt_tauna/

To Learn more about the horses and the ranch go to:

**Please note, if you have a fear of animals or are uncomfortable around horses, please do yourself and everyone else a favor and sit this one out. Animals can sense our emotions so it's important to remain calm so we can get the photographs we need. Let's face it, no matter how tame an animal is they are still an animal which makes them unpredictable. All participants will be required to sign a waiver.

Property and Model Releases will be collected on your behalf by Dynamite Editorials and provided to you upon request after the photo shoot.

Fashion Photographer - Dhrumil Desai
Dhrumil will be our Director of Photography and Instructor for this photo shoot! Dhrumil has experience working with horses and fashion magazines on editorial spreads! He will give you tips on how to get published!! Read Dhrumil's important Photographer instructions here: … rse-ranch/

Be sure to like us on Facebook:

Join our exclusive group on Facebook:

***PHOTOGRAPHERS: To view our roster of models and RSVP for this event please sign up here: … 118232222/

All other industry professionals feel free to contact me if you would like to participate. We are in need of hair stylists, designers, bloggers, and wardrobe stylists to join us.

Any questions or comments? Please post them here.

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Sounds fun

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Los Angeles, California, US Looking forward to the shoot.

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Looks like a great shoot! looking forward to this one!

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Can't wait to work with everyone smile

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Really looking forward to this!

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so excited for this shoot. there last event was wonderful and i was able to capture images that i still use today. i cant wait to meet everyone new and say hello to those who i worked with last time

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looks like its going to be a great day looking forward to it!

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