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New York, New York, US

Friday, July 19th 7pm to Saturday, July 20th 5am

address: Graffiti Warehouse
128 W. North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201

Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime photography opportunity...

This is your chance to take photos of the Godfathers of the NYC Electronic Dance Music Scene in the amazing Graffiti Warehouse!

$20 General Presales (very limited supply) … 39E4DBS2AU
$30 VIP Presales (very limited supply)
** includes access to an exclusive VIP only room filled with all the stars from the show! … 543TXHRJTS
$30 at the door till 8:30

** Photographers:

Cameras allowed with your admission fee!

Take photos in a low light setting; experiment with UV lighting and lasers; practice shooting crowds, dancers, and DJs!

** Models:

Take photos with famous NYC DJs, including Rob Gee and Frankie Bones!

Participate in the wet bikini contest to win a $cash$ prize!

Famous NYC Artists Include:

Rob Gee -
Rob GEE is famous all across The Universe as "the hardest DJ to ever play the Limelight in NYC." In the club's early 90's heyday, the versatile GEE kept delirious audiences going through spinning at Limelight's "FutureShock" dance/techno nights and performing with his live band as well as spinning at the club's "Rock And Roll Church" metal/ rock/ industrialnights. The crowds kept coming back to Limelight, just like they did and continue to in Australia, Japan, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Austria, Hungary and Belgium to name a few.
GEE is a recurring headliner at Sensation,Thunderdome, Mysteryland, and Love Parade, where GEE played before one million people. The sound is 100% Rob GEE, which means eclectic, unexpected and completely unique.

Frankie Bones- … 9152147946
Frankie Bones (real name Frank Mitchell) is an American techno and house music disc jockey from New York City. He is best known for bringing the rave culture to the United States after playing at a hangar party in the UK during 1989. Frankie Bones, the first American DJ to play these raves, is considered to be 'The Godfather of American Rave Culture'.

Music starts at 7pm and doesn't stop until the people stop dancing smile

Featuring two room of sound! This is an 18+ event {IDs are a MUST}.

Get your Presales now or show up early! This is sure to be a sold out show!

Check out the Facebook event page:

Become a member of the Graffiti Warehouse Meetup group: … treet-Art/

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