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Miriam Gaye

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New York, New York, US

How to market yourself as hairstylist. I would love a bigger clientele please help and leave suggestions.

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Keila Sone

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Harrison, New Jersey, US

My first suggestion would be to test with photographers. A lot…some people suck about giving you photos or more than one photo.

You need to show all different that style you can do. All pro photos make sure you make it clear that you need head shots profile and front and sometimes the back if that were there a lot of details.

2 blow out, 1sleek and one Kim K style(volume and big)
2 extension looks, short to long and  a super long super high pony
1 wet look
1 men grooming
1 editorial hair style
1 vintage hair style{light hair}
1 or 2 up dos {at light hair} (easier to see the details)

Once you have a great selection of photos,create a FB fan page and put your photos,use this as your port,so you can send client see and also build a fan base or you can use TUMBLR as many people use it as their portfolio/mini blog.Just don't blog or post what you feel or anything political only stuff that has to do with hair and beauty,as this is your professional site only(I know you know,but just in case)
well thats your start…after that networking testing more asking your friends to recommend you for weddings,special events and extension work,doing fashion shows and always educating your self on how one can upgrade the skill level,I personally try to take a least one class per year,try Emilliani beauty supply,they have a yearly calendar of classes at their store locations,they affordable too,the closes store &easiest to get to by train from Manhattan would be Union,NJ,but they so have a store in Staten Island,if you drive anything is possible. Also all way use professional grade hair products and tools,you buy them at whole sale prices at Emilliani stores,just show them your cosmetology lisence and they will make you a card(they are super strick about saling to lisence pro only),but you can get Morrocian oil,CHI,PAUL MITCHELL etc hair spray for $7. I personally work in a salon and I started doing bridal hair there,then my friend started getting marry and I meet a MUA on a test shoot that gave bridal work.

Also once you get great images,do your business card with photos of your work,it helps people remember why they like you. Carry your personal cards everywhere.

hope this helps some


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Marketing yourself as a hairstylist technically shouldn't be different than marketing yourself in any other business and a large part of that is the creation of a unique value proposition. Consider carefully what it is that differentiates you not only from other professional hairstylist in your market but also every beauty school drop out with a comb and a couple of pics on floating around social media. Maybe your core market is wig styling for drag queens or perhaps you focus on natural hair. Whatever your niche is, figure it out and then pimp it out. Don't just rely on business cards, also think of guerilla marketing strategies that will draw clients to you.

Shoot, shoot and then shoot some more. You need high quality images that are going to impress people enough to want to come to you rather than going to someone else. Additionally, consider your brand messaging and marketing carefully to ensure that they'll appeal to your demographic. Think about factors like what colors your using, what font and even what images are being added.

Finally, develop a strong web presence. This includes your own website and social media such as FB, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as Pinterest. Make sure that your site is easy to navigate and has clear contact information.

Good luck!

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