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Villerupt, Lorraine, France

Hi, Here is a photo I took. It's not perfect but I like it

I would like to make it to pop more, mostly the skin to 'shine', and to correct the skin color.

Any idea is welcome. … =1&theater

If needed I can provide the image

Thanks a lot !

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Greg K Retouching

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I played around with it just for a few minutes and upped the vibrancy then added an orange gradient map. Probably not what you were looking for but it gave it a nice vintage look.

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go to hue saturation, go to your red and yellow channels and move the hue slider to where you see fit (this is for skin color correction)

to make an image "POP" more try making a copy of the image and setting the blending to "softlight" and lowering the opacity

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Motordrive Photography

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Often times when someone wants more pop in an image, they are referring
to more contrast and sharpness. This image is at the limit in those areas, so
next on the list is saturation. Sometimes I'll have a flatter original and paint
on the highlights.

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It's just flat. There are no details in dress and shoes. Just black spot. Picture looks 2D.

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Play around with curves and D&B

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Villerupt, Lorraine, France


Thanks a lot for your reply, I'll check to play more on this pictures regarding your advices!
@Stolen Fate Design , if you can  post your retouch.

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I'll take a shot I would need the raw or large jpeg version as there is not enough detail in the linked image. modstudios[@]

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Try USM 20, 60, 0

That will "de-haze" it too

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Art Silva

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I don't have FB and can not see any example but in order to get some "pop" out of your photo in most cases, you would most likely need to work some level of contrast. Either exposure contrast or tonal/color contrast or both.
Pre-visualizing and setting up your subject and their surroundings before you shoot will save you tons of editing time for this.

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Hank West 1

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I think that you need to "Calvinize" that image.  It's a process developed by the famous retoucher, Calvin Hollywood.  Search the Information Superhighway for details. -H

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You seem to have a contrast problem with the image. Background is pure white and dress and shoes are pure black. The reason your image is not popping up is the skin/face and background shadow is not contrasty enough compared to the black and white points of the image. That is why your image is looking flat.

A simple trick is to Duplicate Layer-> Desaturate -> Highpass with Large Radius (depends on the image size, for the jpeg copy ~50 did the trick) -> Change mode to Overlay.

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mask skin and dress separately and work the curves there. you could go further and just mask everything, which would be best but is very time consuming.

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face seems blown to me. i'd go back to the RAW file and re-develop it (assuming it could be saved).

for toning an image radlab can be fun (you can quickly view lots of options).

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While still in raw conversion - I'd try bringing the black point up a bit to bring back some of the dress detail. Maybe increase the clarity.
Then in PS compress the range a bit using curves or levels to enhance the contrast some.

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Fotografica Gregor

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I will sometimes just try copying the background and setting the layer to screen,  then adjust opacity to taste....  this brightens the skin and gives it a bit of a glow - you can add a mask, invert it and paint in the effect where you want it if desired

increasing the black level in your neutral tones in the selective colour tool, or adding a curve layer adjusted for contrast can help as well

with so much near white and near black, a good candidate for a *subtle* complimentary tone (or nearly so) cross process (cool shadows / darks,  warm lights / whites) - easily done in curves or the selective colour tool...

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add some color to that image and it will pop up,I think its too flat

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Brick Wilson

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Here, I added a lot of pop to your image. No thanks are required.

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Beautifully Soft Focus

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I would  change the background ... aslight or big and dramatic change either way will make the model standout more.

Be easy,


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Joann Empson

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Masking was tough with all the low-res JPEG noise, but I wanted to play with the background color.

Here's the procedure I followed using the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP):

1) Duplicate the image in two layers.

2) In the top layer, mask the subject.

3) In the second layer, invert the mask to mask the background, and set this layer to Multiply mode.

4) Do a GIMP "Color to Alpha" operation on the background layer from step 3, and change the white to transparent. This preserves the shadow.

5) Create a new background layer and pull it to the very bottom. I put a gradient on this layer.

6) Use the GIMP Hue-Saturation sliders to adjust the color of the background layer from step 5.

The original:

The mask I used:

Results from GIMP:

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LarrySparks Photography

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Brick Wilson wrote:

Here, I added a lot of pop to your image. No thanks are required.


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Porsha Louise

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looking for a retoucher! add me

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