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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

July 13th
163 Sterling Rd, Unit 181, Toronto, Ontario

Portraiture and emotion?

It is not all that hard to capture an emotionless face.  Just go for your passport photo. Conveying emotions - over the top or subtly - is one way to ensure that you capture standout images.

This will be a great opportunity to build your own confidence in communicating with your subjects by working with experts in the art of communications - actors.

Create your unique images

If you want to do something to prepare for this event just look for some pictures showing expression.  Look for what you like and what you do not like and try to clip or copy those to look at or bring with you. We will not have too much time in 2 hours to look at these reference images but the act of research will help you be more prepared to take great shots.

How will this work?

2 hour session
4 sets
4 models (male and female)
nearly continuous photography for 2 hours
1 continuous lighting set
3 strobe lighting sets

Please follow this link for more info!

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