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Natsuo Cosplay

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Cincinnati, Ohio, US

I ama cosplayer from Cincinnati, OH. I love my costume photos and have worked with some great photographers but many are boring and need some spice! There are some locations that just don't exist in real life like they do in a video game/ anime! Anyone up to working on some of them?

If you know much about COSPLAY (anime/video games) you will have a lot of fun with this!

I am just looking for photo manipulation that goes well with the costumes, and makes the photos look surreal.

Here are all of my photos:

I will send some higher res photos if you post here which photos you would like to edit! Hope to hear back from some interested people!

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Kupono Imaging

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Hilo, Hawaii, US

I'd like to work on these two: … =3&theater … =3&theater

pm me for the email address to send them to


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