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Tiffany Nacke

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Alt Model Workshop.  This isn't a shootout.
I will be teaching each of the models selected about posing, lighting, hands/feet, facial expressions, personal style, punctuality, and professionalism.
I will be choosing 2-3 girls for this.  I am going to be extremely selective.

I will be making sure you can get to the shoot, travel wise.  I will also provide a hotel room for us all for Saturday Sept 7th.
Will have hair/makeup and I am working on wardrobe.   
Model wise, you will be doing this for trade.  If you can't see the value in the teachings, this isn't for you.

Ideal Requirements.
PROFESSIONAL- You waste my time, you won't work with me (ever).
*If this goes well I will be teaching workshops regularly in cities all over the USA.  I will also recommend photographers/girls to others.
Saturday Sept 7th, is the teaching day.  Girls should arrive by 2pm to work with me/Ron Barlow.  We will also go out to a fancy dinner, please bring a dress.  No one is to go out/drink excessively.

PHOTOGS.  Looking for 5-6 photogs.

If you are interested in shooting the girls, there will be a fee to shoot either group or one on one.   
The shooting portion of this will be September 8th.

10AM-2PM Group shooting.  2PM-?  One-on-one shoots.

The fee is $200 for the group shoot, $50/hour/one-on-one shoot.  Set up the one-on-one shoots by messaging me, not the girls.  I will be modeling as well.

Deposit will be required to join the shoot. 

Barlow Productions. STL.
Indoor studio.
Lighting provided.

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This seems like a lot of fun and a good way to learn. I only know what I have picked up from the shoots I have been to witch isn't a lot. I hope you are having a good summer by the way.

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