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Nicki Micki

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Charleston, South Carolina, US

I'm in need of something to do.. So I would like you to list one of my images, of your choice and tell me why you listed it...

Also I would like your honest opinion on my Portfolio.

Link your photo and I'll do the same

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Mark C Smith

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I only have one list and its "Work That Inspires Me", nothing in your portfolio did that for me (and if you look at my list, I think you'll see why)

But I like your portfolio in general and if in your area, would definitely hit you up for a portfolio builder. Two that I would get rid of are: laying in the water and the cowboy hat. Both just feel unrefined, uninspired and "snapshotty".

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Aaron Lewis Photography

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Catskill, New York, US

Your port is OK. Nothing exciting. I see a lot of not so great lighting and poses aren't anything special. I'd definitely ditch this as it's very snapshotty

I would also get rid of this. It's over exposed and over processed.

You seem to like your arm over your head, there's to much of it. It's very repetitious. Learn more poses

Lot of centering going on too. The only thing I can say is practice posing and work with new photographers.

One final note and I'm going to say this in the nicest possible way. Your avatar doesn't help you at all. It actually makes you look like a 45 year old housewife who's had a really bad day. I seriously had to check your age twice because of it

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Tifton, Georgia, US

I personally think that your port is about where I would expect a developing photographers port to be.  I do agree pretty much agree with the other comments, nonetheless don't get discouraged.

As good as we may "think" our images are, we are quickly humbled when we are viewed next to the very best here within MM.  I give my own port a "C" grade at best.

In my opinion, simply have FUN, try to be creative, and always treat your models professionally and with respect.  Keep shooting as much as possible and things will become clear as you go over time.  I'd say that 90% of us are in a bit of a "fog" as to the true quality of our works.  (Again...most of my OWN images are average at best and I'm always working to improve.)

Soooo...Nice work thus far and keep it going!  I'd also highly encourage you to learn a little about post production which will allow your images to have a little more "kick" when viewed!

Good luck to you and All of us!!!


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Tifton, Georgia, US

Same goes for models!

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