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Im sure my port has way too many images in it.  I think im due for an outside critique.

Ive been thinking in the last few weeks of deleting some images and cleaning house to create an even stronger portfolio.  Some of my stuff may even be redundant.  I may be Ok at creating images...but even my wife says I need work at throwing stuff away. LOL. 

What do you think?  Is there a type or a kind of image that I can delete?  Do several images stand out for deletion or annoy you?  Ive heard fewer is better...but ive never tried it yet.

I do Photography... and Retouching... and Image Compositing... so there are examples of each that I should keep.

Thank you very much for your time and your opinions.

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i would remove this one:

it seems uninspired. and it's just not up to par with your other work.

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This one really stands out for me, to remove, because it looks like a passing street photo and not a beauty-related headshot compared to the rest of your portfolio

The borders around the images are very dated and look really tacky, lose them and the text. There's no need for it. Free the frames and let the images do the talking alone.

Rather than having the gold plaque advertisements consider separate folders.

Or ...different accounts marketed differently. One as a retoucher, one as a photographer.

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Images with HUGE logos... not good.

Just my opinion.

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