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Chad Cheung

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Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, US

Jul 20 13 04:17 pm Link


Motordrive Photography

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Lodi, California, US

I prefer hair from before, face seems too light now, lots of contouring on
body now, but sculpting of face is gone.

Jul 30 13 05:56 pm Link


Alyssa June Retouch

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Howell, New Jersey, US

I like!
My thoughts-
A little to much contrast, esp on certain parts like the ears.
Put some contouring in on the face


Aug 10 13 03:13 am Link



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East Newark, New Jersey, US

Aug 10 13 06:58 am Link


Jakov Markovic

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Belgrade, Central Serbia, Serbia

Pay attention to the shape that is already there, rather than trying to draw a living doll by memory.
Also, DNB brought in some undesirable saturation shifts.

Sep 18 13 06:12 am Link