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Orlando, Florida, US

America Talent Studio is hosting a FREE modeling seminar hosted by industry professionals with 30+ years of experience, which includes a FREE photoshoot in our 1500 sq foot studio with one of our professional model photographers. We are also looking to sponsor a select few who display the right combination of talent, drive and entrepreneurship with a full scholarship opportunity at America Talent Studio

The modeling seminar and photoshoot are FREE with simply walking through the door at this event, but scholarships include:

-Modeling instruction from 30+ year industry professionals with classes hosted at different times during the week to fit your schedule.
-Portfolio, headshots, business cards and comp-cards all readily available through our printing services
-Support and consideration of 5 Star Marketing, and the entire resource network of a professional networking company
-Ready-to-shoot Photographers at your immediate need, location, studio, diversity and natural light photographers all ready to book at a moments notice
-Ready-to-shoot Videographers at your immediate need, for reel footage, commercials, music videos and interviews all possible in our studio
-Editing, special effects, graphic design fully staffed to fit your every need
-Unlimited networking and entrepreneurship opportunities with frequent small business events hosted by American Talent Studio and 5 Star Marketing
-Modeling, Acting, and Directing classes at three different times Monday thru Friday
-Entrepreneurship opportunities with other small businesses, monthly networking events hosted by 5 Star Marketing in our studio

Contact our head photographer Richard below to find out the schedule. Headshots and resumes are not a necessity but are encouraged! Email, call, or text 24/7 with any questions and someone will get back to you immediately. Feel free to send messages through model mayhem as well.

Email - [email protected]
Phone - 727 452 6615

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Your  profile says that YOU are the head photographer.

So who is it really?

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Your port says you are a model, in your own description you are trying to pass off as a head photographer, and on your IMDB you says you are a producer, and you are in all kinds of stuff and yet you are only 21 years old..... sounds kinda fishy

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im confused also....

unless richard also wants to be a model and forgot he was signed onto this account.... as his photography link is at the top of his page and ravis might stand for Richard avis and this is just a copy and past for promoting your event everywhere so it's in third person..... hmmm

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