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Would love feedback on my very first retouch.



Process employed:

- Six RAW conversions (this is actually shown in the 'before'): eyes, bra, body under bra, left hand, remaining skin, hair.
- Split frequency healing
- Simple High Pass to even out some transitions in neck/cheeks
- Clone in Darken mode to remove many of the 'crossover hairs'.
- Fix lips (cloning, colorizing)
- D&B (used dual curve layer method)
- Color correction using a gradient map; not too successful with that, so only left in at 25% opacity.
- Split frequency to sharpen eyes.
- Separate split to sharpen eyebrows and areas of the skin that were too soft.

NOTES: Prior to this effort, I watched Natalia Taffarel's Beauty Retouch DVD volume 2.  Then refered back to it during my work.   So the processes listed above were taken from her workflow.

I decided to leave in the flyaways around the edges; not yet skilled enough to remove them and not make the edges look like heck.

I can see areas that can use more D&B.

Ultimately, I have x images I want to retouch from a shoot and wanted to develop a certain pace.  I spent around 5 hours so far on this image.

Put another way, I wanted to see just what I could accomplish in a reasonable amount of time and be able to deliver retouched images to model and MUA team.

In the future, I do want to revisit one or two of the images and really take much more time.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


12-Core Mac Pro with Open-CL capable GPU
Photoshop CS6; I used its ACR converter for all RAW conversions.
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